On Forgiveness(A Man’s Point of View)


           As a man, one of the hardest things I can do is to FORGIVE especially if my pride as a man is on the line.

           By the default, we know that we are polygamous. Sometimes we tend to look for other girls to satisfy our “needs” not thinking whether we hurt our partners or not. Some of us just come clean although they keep those secrets behind the sheets (you know what I mean). But when we get caught, we say “SORRY” as if it is our privilege to be forgiven easily. What if we were the victims? The answer to that question is either “physical” or a threat (again if you know what I mean). From here on we could see that even Forgiveness is gender oriented, however we should not let it be that way forever. We should remember that when we forgive, we also forgive ourselves. We come to know our own mistakes. Forgiveness is like a mirror – you forgive others and in the process you forgive yourself.

        We must not also forget that forgiveness is both a gift and a responsibility. As a gift it frees anyone the burden of guilt but one should be responsible when he/she receives and gives forgiveness. When we forgive we should remember not to use it against people who have wronged us. Meaning, we should not use the act of forgiveness to let them know how guilty they are, instead we should forgive in order to change them, to let them know they are loved, and to let them know that they have hope. We should not also use forgiveness as license to do something bad – ” I forgave you so you should forgive me in return”. On the other hand when we are forgiven, we should not abuse it. We ask for forgiveness to stop whatever wrong we have done. We ask for forgiveness because we have been aware of our mistakes. It is therefore our responsibility to prove that we are worth forgiving. we should not only turn our backs from the mistakes we committed but we should also “walk away” from them.

        Forgiving/ forgiveness is like the midnight. It ends a day and starts another.  When we forgive we forget the past and start anew. It is then our choice whether to waste another day or make it a better one.          

2 thoughts on “On Forgiveness(A Man’s Point of View)

  1. So true … and forgiveness is something sacred given to us as well. We have to make sure that we’re also worthy of being forgiven by not committing the same mistakes all over again.

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